Strategic Marketing

GP&SON provides consulting in business development with an emphasis on strategic marketing and networking services to help its clients further develop their technologies, innovate new ones, and promote them in the energy industry. It is through GP&SON that potential entrepreneurs have reached out to us to help them co-found and launch their technology businesses in the energy market, which leads us to the creation of EnerplatPro.

EnerplatPro: Co-Founding Startups

EnerplatPro is powered by GP&SON with the primary commitment of co-founding and launching technology startups focused in the energy sector thanks to a range of business development and administration services. EnerplatPro is on mission to locate the niche-specific experts who are willing to form their own businesses or even spin-offs from already established medium or large energy companies with the goal of providing innovative solutions for the energy industry ranging from oil and gas exploration and production to renewable energy and water management.